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Schmetterling Productions is an independent publisher of travel books located in the UK. Our author, Ian Middleton, has travelled extensively over the years and began writing about his experiences. Details of our books and how to purchase them are found below.
At the far southern tip of South America, surrounded by some of the world's roughest seas, lies the island of Tierra del Fuego. It's three days into the new Millennium, and Ian is about to set off on the journey of a lifetime.
This is the fascinating story of Ian's experiences as a lone backpacker on a not so lonely journey across South America. There are tales of the opulent cultures Ian encounters as he makes his way along the east coast from Buenos Aires to the southernmost tip of South America and the inestimable experience of actually being at the end of the world. Read more...

Ian was more than a little apprehensive when his turn came to kiss the Blarney Stone. Not only had they just met, but it seemed this stone wasn't at all fussy as to who it allowed to kiss it. Kissing the Blarney Stone is Ireland's third most popular tourist attraction, so as well as the moral implications there were the hygienic implications too. With just a backpack as a home, a guidebook in one hand, a bizarre travelogue in the other and very little money in his bank account, Ian leaves his home and sets off to this little country that has always been his neighbour, yet overlooked by him for many years as he pursued dreams to travel to far and exotic countries. But he was soon to learn that you don't always need to travel far, to experience something new and wonderful. Read more....

Dusty pueblos adorned with adobe houses, each with a man sitting against a wall, a large sombrero tipped over his face, heavy snoring sounds emitting from underneath that hat; barefoot Indian women and children walking through the dusty, cobbled streets. These were the first images that came to mind when Ian Middleton thought of Mexico. But was it really like that? He had read James A Michener's historical novel on Mexico, and it had portrayed a country of rich cultural diversity. These are the things that had ignited in Ian a burning desire to see this country for himself.
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Photography book:
A collection of beautiful horse portraits.